Welcome to Jaakkola Reindeer Farm!

“Memorable adventures in the snowy forests, magnificent reindeer and hospitable people “

Jaakkola Reindeer Farm is a family-owned, almost 30-year old tourism company with a real reindeer farm in the middle of Finnish Lapland. At our farm you´ll meet the antlered icons of Lapland up close, get to feed them and hear about reindeer herding and Sámi culture. Going one-step further and taking a reindeer sleigh ride with us is even more special and something to remember rest of your life.

“Tasty food made of local ingredients”

If you would like to try out some local food, we have few lovely options as well. You shall enjoy an evening of local food and culture at our cozy, 52-seated kota restaurant or take part into our beginner-friendly cooking classes.

” Unforgettable moments year-round “

Take a look at our services, book and pay online or make an availability enquiry for any other timing presented in the webstore. You can also make an enquiry upon your arrival on the spot, but we cannot guarantee availability for late bookings. We offer also have minibus and we offer pick-up/drop off max. 5km from city center of Luosto. If you are staying more further, please contact us to inquire custom transfers.